What if I don’t have Facebook Messenger?

No problem. You can go old school and visit our Facebook page. From there just say "Hi" in a message to get started. Or simply download Messenger from the App Store or Google Play. Then, just click the "Mail a postcard now" button from the Courier website and you’ll be taken to Courier’s chat screen on Messenger.

What kind of images can I use?

This is the great part, almost any image you can think of will work! Hi-res custom artwork or photos from your phone will look great. This includes pics from your Instagram camera roll. You can even use screenshots from Snapchat or whatever. If you use an image that’s smaller than 800 px wide or tall it’ll probably look fuzzy though. If you like how your review-proof looks, that’s what you can expect from the printed postard.

Where can I mail to or from?

You can have a postcard mailed to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world! Your postcards get printed and mailed from our printer in San Francisco CA.

How long does printing and mailing take?

Postcard’s mailed to U.S. addresses take about 4-6 days to arrive. International ones take a few more days depending on where they’re going. After you place an order, we’ll provide an estimated arrival date. Once the card has reached it’s destination, Courier will send you a message letting you know it’s arrived!

What are the postcards like?

They’re beautiful. All postcards are 4x6 inches wide, made from heavy 14pt cardstock and finished with a premium gloss coating.

How does payment work?

Just add a credit card to your secure Courier account one time. After that, we’ll charge your card at the first of the month only for the postcards you’ve sent. There are never hidden fees or added charges. Printing, postage and mailing are all included. It’s simple and convenient.

What credit cards are accepted?

Our secure payment partner Stripe, accepts practically any credit card you can think of. Including international ones.

Can I "unsend" a postcard?

Sorry, that’s not possible. Mailing a postcard is like sending a text or email. Once it’s sent, it’s done.

Can I get a sample postcard?

Of course. Just send one to yourself, it’s the best way.